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Awesome game=maximizing efficiency! (Really!)

Because I didn’t want the first graders to tell their classroom teachers ” we played video games in the library” I was coaching six and seven-year-olds to say “We learned strategies to maximize our efficiency with the Chromebooks mousepads.. Repeat after me: ‘Maximizing speed and efficiency.'” They tried but I know that it was solid for them. Dangit, I should have added “becoming 21st century learners.” That would have been GOOD

1st and 2nd grade:

But truly, this website is the BEST. it specifically builds finger mousepad skills and is super fun and challenging. When a first grade girl and I figured out how to clear the level of this click and move shape game she I both got super excited. I had to remind the the children to celebrate their accomplishments as quietly as  possible, “Because this IS a LIBRARY.”(Seriously I say that once a class.)

I heard her say (at a totally appropriate voice level: “Ugh, why is this is THRILLING?”

The other favorite moment in the past two weeks was a second grade student spent a few minutes on my go-to research and exploring website, Culturegrams.culturegrams_byo11“Did you know that there are 250 lakes inside of Glacier Park, and that there is a lizard in Texas that can shoot blood out of its eyes?!” I was as happy as when my own children said “I love you” the first time. OMG I love this job. And seriously, it’s the Horned Toad (which is indeed native to Texas.)

This is fun to do at home for animal lovers: 2nd grade being the ideal age level, I think.

Next week at Midway we’ll be reading “The Invisible Boy and talking about KINDNESS leading up to the Kindness Assembly on Friday at Midway.

At Colbert we’ll be building more efficiency and mastery writing electronic poetry and stories on Storybird.




I am a Library Information Technology Specialist at Midway Elementary; a K-6 school in the Mead School District north of Spokane, Washington. My goal is to help grow engaged, empowered, thoughtful and responsible digital citizens who also have a high regard for the beauty of the written word. Yes! You can be both a TECHY and a BOOKY. Some of my favorite people are (and so am I!)

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