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On Creating a Creepy “Voice”

This Halloween week was about scary stories: both reading them and writing them. We (4-6th graders) used Storybird ( and searched “creepy” artwork, then started writing! Here’s a quick synopsis via “book trailer” of “The Graveyard Book” narrated by Author Neil Gaiman (also author of “Coraline”):

Also, here’s a link to an excerpt I read from the first chapter of “The Graveyard Book.”

I read it with a flashlight under my face and played creepy music. Then we wrote!!

Here’s our targets by the end of the next two weeks which I have slated for the young Stephen Kings to complete their projects:

I can use a variety of technology tools to organize and present data and information.

I cancreate an original response to a writing prompt and establish a tone appropriate to the task.
Check out the book (the real physical copy; all the Mead elementary schools should have it! And read it with a flashlight under your chin!
photo 3photo 2(P.S. Grade 3 classes did a screen-time study after a reading of Goodnight Ipad and first and second graders worked on National Geographic Online–the Halloween games section 🙂



I am a Library Information Technology Specialist at Midway Elementary; a K-6 school in the Mead School District north of Spokane, Washington. My goal is to help grow engaged, empowered, thoughtful and responsible digital citizens who also have a high regard for the beauty of the written word. Yes! You can be both a TECHY and a BOOKY. Some of my favorite people are (and so am I!)

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