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To get excited about the books available at the upcoming Colbert Book Fair, (starting this Monday, November 23, and continuing after Thanksgiving Break, thanks to the advocacy of PTO president Tami Dillon and the generosity of Scholastic, to give our families more time to shop..the five days without power put all things like this on hold! So now that we (hopefully?)  all have power, Please take time to watch these wonderful book trailers presented by the authors and illustrators themselves!

Also, please watch this beautiful little film that talks about the vital opportunities for reading and development that are made available by book fairs, Feel good about purchase you make, and the contribution they are to your children’s lifelong relationship with reading.
There will also be a chance to donate books to Colbert families who may not be able to spare as much extra funding.. in keeping with this fair’s theme “MONSTERS” you’ll be able to place the gifted books into the mouth of a “book eating monster”

Ok well this is how Bertha the book eater looked on my daughter’s head. She will look different attached to whichever mechanism her body will be. 🙂




I am a Library Information Technology Specialist at Midway Elementary; a K-6 school in the Mead School District north of Spokane, Washington. My goal is to help grow engaged, empowered, thoughtful and responsible digital citizens who also have a high regard for the beauty of the written word. Yes! You can be both a TECHY and a BOOKY. Some of my favorite people are (and so am I!)

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