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Robot Coding

A tech expert/future trend guy was being interviewed (on CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria, to be exact) and said that 65% of jobs that children will have in the future DON’T EXIST YET and that learning how to do computer coding will qualify them for these jobs. It stuck with me. It is with this context in mind that the students at both Colbert and Midway embarked on learning how to create command patterns for the adorable non-gender, non-species specific FINCH ROBOTS. They worked in teams “professionally taking turns” with different challenges; like programming the finch to turn in different directions, turn different colors, etc. Next level will be commanding it to talk.

For the full skinny on the Finch, which was developed by Computer Science (CREATE program) students at Carnegie Mellon University, see their website:

The kids are loving it..and learning NOT to drag or pull on the $100 devices we are BORROWING. If your kids love it, let the district know! We are piloting the program here.

Next, ozobots!!

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I am a Library Information Technology Specialist at Midway Elementary; a K-6 school in the Mead School District north of Spokane, Washington. My goal is to help grow engaged, empowered, thoughtful and responsible digital citizens who also have a high regard for the beauty of the written word. Yes! You can be both a TECHY and a BOOKY. Some of my favorite people are (and so am I!)

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