At times it was messy, it’s possible that the second graders who adopted their shelves in the non-fiction section may not have been exactly up to level of numerical ordering required to keep a meticulous shelf, but HEY! They were excited. About shelving and organizing! And taking ownership of the library!

Adapted from the “Elementary Librarian” system, I decided to open up the Adopt-A-Shelf to much younger library patrons, as they are the students, presumably, who need more training in order and care of library. Plus, they are generally more excited about books and being in library! They still think it’s totally cool to check out books! But perhaps I’ll change next year from 2-4th graders.

The students’ favorite part of the Adopt-A-Shelf program has been the earning and spending of “book bucks” which we reward them for excellent shelving, teamwork, organization and for promoting books that are checked out as a result of having been   promoted. I absolutely adore their little book reviews:

(you’ll have to click and zoom in to see the wording but it’s just the best.) Admittedly, I’ve spent too much of my own cash on the “library loot” which they are purchasing with their “book bucks,” so I’ll be implementing non-material privileges this fall. Lunch with teachers, time on technology, etc. Ask you students what their favorite part of Adopt-a-shelf, or please let me know if they find it irrelevant and annoying (i did make participation optional) Some kids got more “into it” than others. 🙂