Certified Librarians=Life-Prepared Students: A State Report

This important piece of advocacy and education was conducted and published by the WLA, or Washington Library Association. It’s kind of a long read, like any report. But it’s why I do this job, why the Mead School District has set the high standards of having specially trained librarians for its students, and some awesome documentation for people who refer to library as a “Prep Time” (which of course I know I am!)

The “Major findings” of the comprehensive study are:

 Students who attend schools with certified teacher-librarians and quality library facilities perform better on standardized tests and are more likely to graduate, even after controlling for school size and student income level.

 The presence of a certified teacher-librarian on staff has a particularly high relationship to a school’s five-year graduation rate.

 Students who attend schools with on-staff certified teacher-librarians (CTLs) have more equitable access to technologically advanced and accessible library facilities.

 Students who attend schools with certified teacher-librarians staffing their school libraries have greater access to databases and resources for longer times during the school day and are more often accessible outside of school.

 Students who attend schools with certified teacher-librarians are more likely to be taught information technology skills and technology fluency skills.

 Quality public school libraries staffed by full time CTLs (Certified Teacher Librarians) are unequally distributed across the State. Students who are least likely to have access to a quality library are disproportionately more likely to face poverty and other risk factors known to adversely impact student achievement.

Here is the full report: