Chromebook Training

dell-chromebook-11-for-education-10Only Colbert and Midway opted to keep a few carts of MacBooks rather than undergo a complete transformation to Chromebook. Still we do have 10 new carts– or 300–chromebooks for student use. That means they’ll be accessing learning websites in class regularly and getting far more masterful with keyboarding. In the Library Information Technology Center (I figure since I’m the Library Information Technology Specialist, my “office” name should match my title, right? But man that’s a mouth full. We’ll still go with Library for short ) we will be spending a good chunk of the first few month (given I see kids just 30 minutes each week) just learning to sign in to the chromebook.

Since these are not traditional laptops, but simply web-browsing and production platforms, users have to be signed in to download apps or extensions, as well as sign in to their school Gmail accounts and Google Classroom which some teachers use, but LITS absolutely LOVe because we can post an assignment and all 500 of our students we serve can access it and turn it in from wherever they are! (as long as they have an internet connection) So I’ll let you know how it’s going as we get started….