Chromebook Training

dell-chromebook-11-for-education-10Midway, with the very generous addition of funds from the PTO, which manages our technology fund, now has 17 carts of Dell chromebooks, (510 total) inching closer to one to one ratio of child to device. Because my technology and literature lessons will be “mobile” this school year (Ms. Brasch will use the library for the music classroom until it is demolishing in December) which means I’ll be teaching in the classrooms,  students will be trained in efficient use of the online catalogs of both our own (which after December will need to be accessed through boxes! AAh!) and the Spokane Count website. We also have audio and ebooks available. And parents of first graders can expect their budding techies to accessing learning websites in class regularly and getting far more masterful with keyboarding. We spend a good chunk of the first few month (given I see kids just 30 minutes each week) just learning to sign in to the chromebook.

Since these are not traditional laptops, but simply web-browsing and production platforms, users have to be signed in to download apps or extensions, as well as sign in to their school Gmail accounts and Google Classroom which some teachers use, but LITS absolutely LOVE because we can post an assignment and all 600 of our students we serve can access it and turn it in from wherever they are! (as long as they have an internet connection) and don’t worry, I will still be promoting disconnecting from screens and getting lost in a diverse selection of wonderful literature!